As someone who has struggled with mental health for much of my life, and who deeply loves the church, I found myself in the all-too-common place of wishing the ministries and churches I was in knew how to help me better. Over the years, my dreams grew until I landed on a two-part mission:

   1. To help people struggling with mental illnesses realize that our battles are a place to encounter God, not a barrier from Him. That God wants to use the people around us to love us, and that it's ok to ask for help. That God wants us to be whole and healthy.

   2. To help church & ministry leaders become more Christ-like by helping them know how to engage with those around them who are hurting, specifically those struggling with mental health.

I’m an Atlanta-area therapist with a particular focus in adolescents & young adults. I’m also a certified QPR Suicide Prevention Instructor for groups of any size and I offer trainings & consultations to churches, ministries, & other groups on topics such as the intersection of faith & mental health, youth development, college student mental health and maintaining your mental health while working in ministry. 

I’m also an advocate online for better mental health engagement in faith communities, hosting a podcast on Christianity & mental health called CXMH and with writing featured on Relevant, The Mighty, Thought Catalog, Patheos, and more.

  I live in Atlanta with my wife, our new son, and our dog.