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When I talk with people about what I do, it's almost a sure bet that I'll get one of two responses:
1. "Oh, that's so needed!" or
2. "We'd love to do more, we just don't know where to start."

I get it, mental health can be an intimidating topic to try and address, especially if you're unfamiliar with it.

How do I know if someone's just going through a rough time or if they may be depressed?
Where's the line between stress & anxiety?
What actually happens if someone goes to a counselor?
For that matter, what's the difference between counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers?
How do I know which local mental health professionals are ones I should refer people to?
How do I navigate conversations about topics I wasn't trained in?

That’s why I offer consultation & trainings for groups including ministry & church staffs, faculties, small groups, volunteers, and more.
I’d love to work with you to figure out what information would be most beneficial for your group and how to best present it.

Previous trainings include:
- college students & mental health
- maintaining your mental health while working in ministry
- understanding your teen/adolescent, their development, & their mental health
- suicide prevention
- and more!

Fill out the form below to start the brainstorming process of us working together to get your team the information they need to be more effective helping others.