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When I tell people I work with faith & mental health, it's almost a sure bet that I'll get one of two responses:
1. "Oh, that's so needed!" or
2. "We'd love to do more, we just don't know where to start."

I get it, mental health can be an intimidating topic to try and address, especially if you're unfamiliar with it.

How do I know if someone's just going through a rough time or if they may be depressed?
Where's the line between stress & anxiety?
What actually happens if someone goes to a counselor?
For that matter, what's the difference between counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers?
How do I know which local mental health professionals are ones I should refer people to?
How do I navigate conversations about topics I wasn't trained in?

 My goal is to help bridge the gap between faith leaders & mental health, so that people can find the help they need with people they trust. I’ve talked with church staffs, care teams, youth volunteers, school faculties, small groups, campus ministries, and more to help get them the information they need to best help the people they care about.

Some common training topics include:

  • Suicide Prevention (comes with a certification from the QPR Institute)

  • Youth, Development, & Mental Health

  • College Students & Mental Health

  • The Intersection of Faith & Mental Health

  • Maintaining Your Mental Health While Working in Ministry

  • and more!

I’d love to work with you to get a custom training or consultation that fits your needs and allows you to effectively help the people in your community. Fill out the form to get started! (Or, see upcoming events!)

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